What you seek is seeking you

Alone in a beautiful, cold, sunny city? You’ve been there many times,a hot coffee with croissant by that window seat did the trick for half hour but left you empty with nothing to do for the rest of the day. What a shame: a king size empty bed awaits you at the hotel with a predictable tv entertainment offer. Naaaah, must be more to the city and you are right.

If you are willing to take your balls for a long,random walk, have a seat in a restaurant and hope that that pretty girl over the corner table returns your smile,why not,even come for a conversation, good for you and I wish you have the best of the story 😉
But if you have a respectable age or experiene with this, you’ve done that dozen times and you know the outcome. Regardless what that is, is not enough anymore, isn’t it? You now want simple,uncomplicated hugs and warmth of a female companion. No headache, no ceasesly talking, no what hobbies you have and all that kind of stuff.

Perhaps you now want that cosy silence where you can feel free to smell her skin and walk your hands all over her body line as you hug her and you know is ok to do that. You now want small,delicate fingers to do the same to you,maybe even with a genuine interest of your body reaction and sexuality. How nice would be free to simply stare at her and smile without further questions, to play with her hair and search for her mouth without she stops you. To see her smiling at you and holding that smile till you kiss her. And she likes to be kissed back by you? Like, really, really likes and wants that…?
Wouldn’t be out of a fairy tale story to have that simple, pretty,uncomplicated woman which genuinely surrenders to your affection till the end of your will and lust? To enjoy the romantic silence of a long kiss till a low burning desire takes over you both? Wouldn’t be amazing that you feel she enjoys this as much as you do despite the arrangement between you too?

The fact that you pay her for this is not a reflection on you, read again: it is not a reflection on you, simply put, she does not know to do at her BEST anything else. She’s made for loving you and the society and systems around totally discount that through the feminism air around.

I, me, I am a real female and cross my heart admitting I am made to love men and this is what I know to do best. I do it so well that I made you read up till here, despite our programmed brains to read nothing else which does not comply to e Twitter headline level. Agree?

Now, interested in discovering this woman?
You do contracts and negotiate T&C all day long, give her a chance, it might turn well and then you can have her for as long as the day and night is cold and empty.
I’m into erotic, sensuality, BDSM, you name it, I got it. More about me in here.

by Lilith