The Priestesses

On a universal scale, time is a constant and infinite. Our temporary,human existence does not change that, not even if Einstein says so, not even if Christianity has the arrogance to set the clock for everyone. So let’s do an imaginary trip back on time.
There were many civilizations more intelligent and advanced than we are today. In any case more than any history book today will ever teach you. I’ll take you back in time where you can meet those beautiful women which were called Priestesses or Sacred Prostitutes. Beware, most of the words we use today have been perverted to suit certain moral standards and customs and to set a scale of values which we are forced to believe in today.

What we understand nowadays by prostitute is an offense to the real ones, to the real meaning of it.

Back then, the Priestesses in the Temples of Mesopotamia and Babylon were considered to be sacred due to their opened sexuality and strong love they could share. They embodied love, sensuality, beauty and held the highest spiritual authority. They had the power to heal the body and the soul of a man, things women today do not care about anymore. Inanna (Ishtar) of Sumer was one of the best known High Priestesses ever, a Goddess, a very powerful woman adored by kings and highly ranked military men. She was also the mentor for other women aspiring to grow into the sacred knowledge of high spirituality and sexuality.

A common practice that took place in the Temple was called “Taking the War out of Man”.

Upon returning from war, men were invited to pass through the Temple doors. The Priestess would bathe, soothe and knead their physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. The Priestess would expand her magnetic field to absorb all of his wounded energy, literally drawing the effects of war from his system. Through the power of her energy, and purity of her femininity, she would gently and tenderly love him back to wholeness. She enabled men to reconnect with both himself and higher forces through pleasure and prayer. Very important, she was not seen by anyone as a threat,but as a healer, including by family women. Men entered the Temple with the full permission and blessing of their families, and emerged cleansed of the nightmare of war. This process was a natural and essential part of life. The Sacred Prostitute was seen as a goddess, healer and protector. Nothing like the way she is presented today. The world of the Sacred Prostitute considered love, kindness and sensuality as necessary elements to maintain healthy balance in all aspects of human kind and society.

The Priestesses wore robes of scarlet, the color signifying the source of their power, and were titled ”Hor” (or in Greek Hierodulai), or ”beloved ones”. They did not enter into marriage for life, but rather would have children with different Kings and powerful men, securing alliances and protection for their children. This attitude towards marriage that resulted in the meaning of ‘Hor’ becoming what we know today -whore- and the association of the color scarlet being associated with sexual licentiousness and sin. Personally, I reserve the right to detach from any morals and stick to integrity and high ethics, far more honest and close to our human nature.

by Lilith